All products made by Alexander Designs & co. are non-refundable as each piece is made custom to each client's specific size, style and colour.

      We offer a limited warranty to the original  purchaser for free service work for 1 year after point of purchase. This coverage includes shrinking and expansion, seasonal movement and wear and tear. This does NOT cover transportation to and from our workshop nor any fees associated in doing so.

      We offer an extended warranty plan for an additional $500.00. This covers any service work required for 5 years plus one free pick up and drop off. If more than one service is required it will be the purchasers responsibility to cover the transportation .

      If service is ever required beyond the above warranties Alexander Designs & co. will perform service work for a fee of $400.00. Alexander designs and co. Is NOT responsible for transportation to and from point of service work.

      By solid wood nature shrinking and expanding is to be expected as it adjusts to each client’s unique home environment and such characteristics are to be celebrated in your one of a kind solid wood piece.

      To prevent any major changes to your piece we recommend you keep your homes moisture level between 40% and 50%. Minor fluctuations in humidity levels can cause drastic changes to your solid wood table, as we use thick cuts of solid wood with traditional mortis and tennon joinery. Resurfacing for any major splits, checks or cracks can be performed at our shop and it is up to the client to provide transportation to and from our shop for such adjustments. Please ask about our warranties and any questions about future service work to ensure you love your one of a kind piece for a lifetime.